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Starting work on an overgrown allotment – the first two months of our Allotment Days

  We’ve had our allotment for two months now.   Eight weeks of very mixed, wintery weather.  Rain, snow, frost, dry Easterly winds.  Yes, everything that Winter can throw our way. If you’d asked me two months ago, how it … Continue reading

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Seaside, Sunshine, Old Potatoes and Wonderful Garden Worms

We went on a trip to the seaside on Saturday.  You know how it is when you wake up hoping for a wonderful day out where the sun will shine and everything is rosy?  Yes, well that was the first … Continue reading

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Gardening on Clay Soil

This area of England has heavy clay soil.  My garden here at home has been really hard work.  I’ve dug barrows full of manure and compost into the soil over the last few years.  But it never stops being hard … Continue reading

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