Celebrating a hand-made life (30/31) Preparing to Sew

The penultimate hand-made life photo for March!

I was allowed complete freedom this morning … dangerous times!  I went shopping … for fabric to make clothes for the little peeps.  I haven’t been fabric shopping for about a year.  Yes it is that long!  I’ve been busting my fabric stash for all the decorative and household creations, but when I took a look yesterday I didn’t see any fabrics that I wanted to used for clothes.  So a-shopping I did go.  Here are the fabrics which jumped into my arms :

I confess the last two tree design fabrics are destined for my own wardrobe.   A skirt and a blouse, I believe.  Though not to be worn together, you understand, as that would be tree overload 😉

So after laundering, I enjoyed ironing my new fabrics.  I gave up ironing clothes when the children arrived so any ironing is a novelty nowadays.  So much of a novelty was my ironing today, that some family members felt the need to carry out a quality control check …

Wishing you and yours a happy weekend !

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6 Responses to Celebrating a hand-made life (30/31) Preparing to Sew

  1. Anne says:

    Is there anything more supendous than fabric shopping? I think not. I’m so glad you went all by yourself, I would have been giddy with delight. Your choices are gorgeous. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.
    Anne xx

  2. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Anne
    Thank you for your fabric admiration!
    I really think the only way to go shopping for fabric, clothes, anything which is personal is to to shopping ALONE so that we can make our own choices rather than be influenced by other people. Of course, now I’m itching to go fabric shopping again !!

  3. Dormouse says:

    I haven’t commented very much, but I’ve really enjoyed your photographs and hearing what you have been doing. Why are other people’s lives so fascinating?!

  4. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Dormouse
    Lovely to have you comment again 🙂
    As you say, that’s the essence of blogging isn’t it? The interesting minutiae of other people’s lives!
    Happy weekend to you!

  5. Louise says:

    How lovely for the little peeps to have a mummy who makes clothes for them.

  6. Josie Crafter says:

    Ah, you’re sweet 🙂
    I’ve made a pair of trousers for the little Mr which will make a viewing here very soon!

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