How to make a simple Springtime tablecloth

Here’s a nice, simple sewing activity to brighten up your kitchen table for Springtime.  It should only take a few hours to make this.   Then you can invite some friends around for a Springtime cup of tea 🙂

You will need:
A selection of cotton fabrics for the patchwork
A piece of fabric for the reverse side
Usual sewing kit

Here’s how I made my table cloth …

Step 1.
Having measured my table-top, I added 23cm / 10 inches to both the width and length to allow for fabric to overhang the edge of the table.   This measurement includes a seam allowance of 1.5cm all round.

As we have two small children, it’s best for my tablecloth to overhang the edge of the table just a little bit, ie. only 10cm / 4 inches.   Any more than this and the children would get tangled up in the tablecloth!   But if you don’t have to make allowances for the table habits of small children, then you could be more generous in the overhang you allow, so measure your table top and then decide how much fabric you want to have hanging over the edge of the table.

Then I selected a range of Springtime inspired fabrics from my stash.

Step 2:
I then cut my range of fabrics into strips, as follows:

4, 5, or 6 inches long and each measuring the same width as decided upon in step 1 above.

I wanted to vary the length of the strips of fabric just to make the finished patchwork more interesting.

Step 3:
Once I had cut a whole load of fabric strips, I then sewed them together in a random order.

To my mind, patchwork looks loveliest when there is an irregular arrangement of fabrics, so I didn’t think about the order I was sewing them together, but just picked up strips and kept sewing.

I kept sewing strips of fabric together until I had the right length for my tablecloth (see step 1 above).

I then pressed all the seams flat, then pressed them open.

I then chose which fabric(s) to use for the reverse of the tablecloth and cut this to the size I’d decided upon in step one.

As you can see from my photos, I didn’t have enough pink gingham to use for the reverse so I added a strip of green gingham to each end.

Then I pinned the top and bottom sections together, right sides of fabrics facing.

(yes, naughty me, I used the selvedge of some fabrics!)

I sewed all round the edge, leaving an opening of about 40cm / 16inches on one of the short sides of the tablecloth.   Then snipped the corners as shown.

Having turned the cloth through the opening, I made sure the four corners were neat and then pressed all the way round the edge with my iron.

Then hand-sewed the opening closed with a slip stitch.

Finally I top-stitched all the way round the edge of the cloth, about 5mm in from the outer edge, to hold the top and bottom sections neatly together.

And voila !

And there you have it, the finished cloth looking fine and dandy and just waiting to enjoy a Springtime Afternoon Tea 😉


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4 Responses to How to make a simple Springtime tablecloth

  1. Lisa says:

    That tablecloth is just the most perfect one ever for afternoon Springtime tea. Now where’s the cake?!
    Lisa x

  2. splendid! What a lovely choice of fabrics… can I come to tea? Love Helen x

  3. Josie Crafter says:

    Come to tea any day you like !!! xx

  4. Josie Crafter says:

    Yes, cake is needed … as you can see I didn’t have a cake available for the photo shoot 😉
    Happy days to you Lisa !

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