Celebrating a hand-made life (24/31) Hot, hot, hot !

Wow!  What amazing weather today.  We had a Ruby Campervan journey through beautiful countryside with Spring blossom everywhere, daffodils and glorious sunshine all the way.  I can hardly believe it is still March !

We made our way to a beach where the children rolled on the sand, buried feet, chased their ball and spent a long time trickling sand into an empty water bottle.  It was a gift to feel the sand between our toes.  Now I need to search through my lighter clothes for something to help me keep cool.  Isn’t it wonderful to be able to say that?

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  1. Debbie says:

    Oh WOW…. T2 LOVE…. Wanted a VW bus, Buttttttttt so expensive for a decent model. Ste Nolan lives just around the corner, he’s VW GURU. Always dreamt me and my big fella (Harry Labrador) would cruise the Scottish highlands together, alas the best laid plans……

  2. Josie Crafter says:

    Thank you for sharing in the Campervan love, Debbie!!

  3. charlotte says:

    days at the beach are so FAB, I love your van too. x x x

  4. Pepper says:

    I love your VW camper! And her name! We have an orange one (officially “citrus red” ) called Joy-Joy, languishing away in the shed-waiting for us to have enough money to do some engine work…. Can’t wait ’til we have her up and running again! Happy days!

  5. … it is all on the way… sunshine, fun, beach trips, bronwn legs, happy times outside…
    Love Helen x

  6. Josie Crafter says:

    Brown legs? I’d love some of those! I don’t think my legs have ever been tanned !!

  7. Josie Crafter says:

    Joy-Joy sounds a great name for a campervan 🙂 I hope you can have her engine work done soon so you can go enjoy your campervan travels !!

  8. What a fantastic campervan! In red too, my favourite colour, I’m very envious.

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