How to Make Bunting

Helen and other friends have often asked how I make my bunting.  At long last I’ve put together this tutorial (only time will tell if it truly is ‘splendid’ !!).

So here, goes:

Stage One: Preparation

You will need: selection of fabric remnants, about 3.5 metres of bias binding, thread, sewing machine, cardstock, scissors, pencil, point turner if you have one, and time to concentrate undisturbed!

NB: a point turner, also known as a seam creaser, can be found at haberdashery shops or via amazon, ebay, etc.  It’s a very useful sewing tool, but not essential for this project.  You can use a white coloured pencil to create the points in the tip of each bunting triangle/pennant.

Choose your fabric.  It is best to use at least 3 co-ordinating fabrics – 100% Cotton fabric is best !

Create a triangle template for your pennants from card stock.  My template measures 21cm from top to point; each long side is 22cm and the top side is 15cm.

Draw around the template onto fabric.  So that the triangles touch each other as shown.   Pin the centre of each triangle and then cut them out.

If you use standard 115cm wide fabric, folded lengthwise, you will be able to cut at least 6 double sided triangles from each width.

If you have about 3.5 metres of bias binding as suggested, you’ll need about 18 pennants for  your strand of bunting.   This is a good size piece of bunting which can easily decorate a window, piece of furniture, above a bed, etc.  But if you fancy a longer strand then great!

For every 2 pennants you’ll need about 35cm of bias binding and make sure to add an extra 20cm of bias binding for the tying loops at each end of the strand.

Stage Two: Sewing Pennants

Once the pennants have all been cut, start sewing the long sides, with right sides of fabric facing each other.

Taking a seam of about 5mm sew down one long side and stop. Then keeping your needle down in the fabric turn and sew up the other long side.  Do not sew top edge.

You can sew all the pennants in one go.  As you get to the end of each pennant allow your machine to sew a few stitches without fabric, then introduce the next pennant.  This saves time and thread!

Then just cut the thread between pennants when you have finished sewing them all.

Remove pins.

Stage Three: Turning and Ironing Pennants

Cut away excess fabric at the point of each pennant.

You may need to trim along each seam for a distance of about 2cm.  This will make it easier to create a point when the fabric is turned.

Turn fabric right side out.  Using a point turner or a light coloured pencil, push the point end of the fabric to create a nice neat finish.

Manipulate the fabric, twisting it with your fingers,  to create a good point.

When all pennants have been turned, it is time to iron them.

Use your card template to stretch the pennants whilst ironing, by slipping the template inside each pennant and ironing on top.

Stage Four: Sequencing Pennants

Trim away the selvedges at each corner on the top of each pennant and ensure there is a straight edge at the top, too.

Choose sequence of fabrics, then put all pennants into a pile in the correct sequence.

This allows you to sew quickly by simply taking each pennant from the pile in turn.

Stage Five: Sewing Pennants to Bias Binding

Use bias binding which is at least 18mm wide.  Fold it lengthwise (you may want to press it with an iron).  Place a pin 10cm from cut edge – this is where the first Pennant will be.

Sew from the end of the bias binding to the pin, through all thicknesses before adding your first pennant.  This section of binding will be used to create a loop for hanging your bunting – more about that later on.

Next slot the top edge of first pennant into fold of binding just where the pin is.

Sew through binding and pennant and stop, needle down, when you have sewn all along the top edge of one pennant.

Using the metal plate of your sewing machine (or other marker) slot the next pennant into the fold of the binding.

Now sew along the binding then when the second pennant is in place sew through the binding and top edge of pennant as you did the first time.   Introduce the 3rd and all remaining pennants in the same way.

Stage Six: Finishing

When you reach the final edge of the last pennant, allow an extra 10cm of bias binding and cut.

At each end of the bunting, fold the 10cm of binding onto the pennant and sew to secure.

This creates a loop at each end for hanging.

Press, Hang up your bunting and enjoy!

COPYRIGHT:  Please note that this tutorial is the Copyright of Josie Crafter and Homemade & Happy.  It is for your own private use and is not to be reproduced for commercial purposes. Thanks.

Thank you to the very many readers who’ve taken time to comment on this tutorial.
It makes me so very happy to hear that you’ve tried the tutorial and successfully made your own beautiful bunting! And it makes my heart sing to hear that many of you have used this tutorial for your first sewing activity and gained confidence in your skills 🙂  Blogland is a wonderful place, isn’t it?

Please continue to leave comments and let me know how you’ve responded to the tutorial.  I will be answering queries and questions right here in the comments section, so if you do want further guidance, make a comment then come back a couple of days later and I will have left a reply for you 🙂

Happy Sewing !



I’ve created a Flickr Group where you can share images of the bunting you’ve made from this tutorial.  If you’d like to add a photo (or more!) to the Flickr Group, then please let me know in a comment here or by sending an email to me at the address shown in the right column of this blog.

Anyone can view the Flickr Group, but you’ll need an invite from me to add photos!

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0 Responses to How to Make Bunting

  1. nicki chapman says:

    This is so simple to read and understand! I am off out to buy some bias binding and will be making this afternoon with some fabric I have! Thank you!

  2. becky says:

    I think that your tutorial is great and I sew alot but I have never made buntingthis. I will get onto project very soon.

  3. Claire says:

    Great instructions, really clear and I appreciated the explanations of WHY certain things needed to be done! I’ve just finished a length of birthday bunting in reds, oranges and yellows – it was my first ever sewing machine project and I’m over the moon that it was such a success!! Thanks so much.

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks for the clear instructions, photos and inspiration. Bunting’s made – job done!

  5. Lemat says:

    Lovely clear instructions and pictures. Easy to follow and best of all these actully worked out!!! Now how many more miles can I make?!? Thanks.

  6. Alicja says:

    Thanks! This is so useful! I will try to make some bunting today 🙂

  7. Liz says:

    I’ve been wanting to make bunting for ages and this is by far the clearest instructions that i’ve found. I’m going to start this at the weekend 🙂

  8. Zoe Evans says:

    What clear instructions! Thanks!

  9. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for your very clear colourful precise instructions. Looking for material now then I will start making!!!!! 🙂

  10. Kezia says:

    Nice, simple and clear instructions for a nice simple activity which has stunning results. Have made an assortment of triangles now just need to buy some bias tape! Thanks for posting

  11. Eleanor says:

    Thankyou! These instructions were fab! My mum and I made some the night before my birthday and hung them up in the kitchen – and I think it’s started a bunting craze at home!

  12. Shirley Dean says:

    Thank you for brilliant pictures and text. Just needed to know that I was doing it right. Where do I find a point turner though?

  13. Thanks so much for your clear and illustrated instructions. Just made a whole load of it and it looks great!

  14. Karen says:

    Thank you for these instructions. I am making bunting for the school and your site was so useful. Regarding the “point turner”, I wasn’t sure what this was, but have used a long wooden stirrer from the coffee shop very successfully to create a neat point.

  15. Emma says:

    I’ve just leanrt to sew & use a sewing machine finally at the age of 30 got my mum to show me how, made my first master piece yesterday evening a pink pillow for child’s room with her name on it – now to make bunting to match!! Thanks for the tutorial going to follow it, just need to get some bias binding from the shops today and I’m off. Thank you very much. 🙂

  16. tracey says:

    very helpful ready to make pirate bunting for cub scout camp

  17. Alison Davies says:

    Fantastic instructions, I was just making my own bunting for my daughter’s birthday and had cut and pressed all the traingles, but didn’t know how to put them on the bias binding. Your instructions were very easy to understand, and you had some really good tips!! Thanks very much, will be looking at more of your homemade ideas!! x:O)

  18. Kim Edwards nee McKertich says:

    Thankyou for the instructions on how to make bunting. Our mothers 100th birthday is on 12/12/2012 and our project is to have all family members decorate each unit with something. the non sewers in the family can follow your simple instructions.
    after her birthday celebration my idea is to join the pieces to make a throw. when I say join I mean but the pieces with a zigzag stitch. We must all coordinate with size.

  19. Kate says:

    Thank you for your very clear, easy-to-follow instructions. I am a sewing novice but have just finished 5 metres of bunting for my son’s nursery and am as pleased as punch with it! Off now to start on some for my nephews….

  20. Nanny Annie says:

    Excellent instructions – thanks very much. I did have a bit of trouble sewing the pennants to the bias binding so resorted to tacking them first. Probably took a little longer overall but I’m really pleased with the result. They look lovely in my beach hut!

  21. Deborah says:

    Thanks so much for this, it’s been really helpful! My first time making my own bunting has been a success!

  22. Emma E. says:

    Thank you so much for your bunting tutorial – it’s been my first sewing project and your clear instructions made it so easy, especially for a sewing newbie like me. Really pleased with the result!

  23. athena says:

    I wanted to let you know that my first attempt at making a birthday bunting for my daughter’s 3rd birthday was a near success thanks to your tutorial. I had issues with the bias binding, but only because the store had little selection for it. I ended up with 12 mm and some of the triangle tops didn’t make it in all the way to be stitched. I plan on rectifying this once I find bigger bias binding. Your instructions were spot on and the photos were helpful, too. Thank you!!

  24. Eleanor says:

    Oh so easy now! Thanks, have just made two lots of bunting for the kids room – now my sister is on at me to make her 4 girls some for their rooms…. Happy Sewing 🙂

  25. Amy Georgina says:

    I stumbled across this whilst searching for how to make double sided bunting and my goodness, am I glad I found it! I had no idea and was kind of going in a bit blind to making bunting for our wedding, but with your instructions and pictures I am pleased to say that I have made my first 10 metres of gorgeous bunting! Thank you so much for this post!!

  26. helen says:

    Brilliant, very clear instructions – we are planning a jubillee party for next year and each community group in the village will be asked to make some bunting flags – I will use you instructions for each group having made a template to ensure all flags are the same size and then I will do battle with the tape!!!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. I’ve just made my first lot of bunting following your step-by-step guide and it turned out beautifully. Your instructions were so clear and easy to follow that it made making the bunting really easy and enjoyable. Thank you.

  28. jenny says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial I just used it to make a ton of bunting to decorate my stall at the forth coming VWNW show on the 7th August. I’ll be posting pictures next week so you can see how nice it looked : )

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  30. Donna says:

    Great tutorial thank you 🙂 To Athena and anyone else who has to use a smaller width bias binding, it might be an idea to use a zig zag stitch, which should help catch more of the triangle tops.

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  32. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for such clear step by step instructions. I’m quite looking forward to making my bunting. I’m making some bunting for both my nieces. I thought it would look pretty in their bedrooms.

  33. Girldoesyoga says:

    Thank you so much – I agree this is a fantastic tutorial and I’ve just used your instructions to make some bunting for a friends’ little girl (for her wall with her name on). I am really pleased with the result, I know that the reason I didn’t get too stressed with it was because your instructions and pictures were clear and I could see exactly what I needed to do. Thank you!

  34. margaret says:

    very easy to follow thank you

  35. Anna says:

    LOVE this tutorial. Thanks! I searched for ‘how to make bunting’ and thought I’d have had to go through loads of sites to find something so detailed as this. Thanks for the info. I had cut out my triangles and got hot pink bias binding but wasn’t sure whether to zig-zag or sew. Ready to dust off the sewing machine while baby sleeps 🙂 x

  36. SYLVIA says:

    Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. The pictures are a great help for visual learners like myself. Made two lots today as a surprise for my daughters 21st birthday tomorrow. I am really pleased with the result. The material I used was just pieces I had in the cupboard. Fantastic result! Really enjoyed making them.

  37. Moira says:

    Thank you so much for your instructions! I am planning to make bunting for a surprise baby party in a couple of weeks’ time. I wasn’t looking forward to doing all those seams but I honestly hadn’t considered making it double sided! That dispenses with all the seams being on view which, if done single thickness would have to be very neat as they would be seen on one side, and it also means that the stitching will be faster. Your instructions are also very clear and easy to understand.

  38. julie W says:

    Even I ( who’s teacher threatened to take early retirement if I continued with sewing at school) could follow the instructions and may make bunting at school for business enterprise.

  39. Jules says:

    Very many thanks for this really clear and helpful tutorial. I’ve just made my first bunting and feel really happy to have avoided making lots of potential mistakes (and wasting nice fabric) by finding your advice!

  40. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much for these very clear and easy to follow instructions. I’ve never made anything before, but bought myself a new sewing machine with the plan to start trying. This was my first attempt as I wanted to make bunting for my sister’s babyshower, and it has turned out perfectly! I’m thrilled that a novice like me can actually make something so beautiful without having to go to a whole bunch of classes to learn how to sew!! And for those who were asking about point-turners, I used a skewer to push my points into place. Worked a charm 🙂

  41. Helena Birkby says:

    Just looked at your happy days page and saw ‘mummy bear, mummy bear, it made me smile as that’s what my son says to me when he wants something. He is nearly 22 and is still my little boy. As you say happy days.

  42. Gaynor Ringland says:

    I have been asked to show my local WI ladies how to make bunting, and although I had a good idea of how to do it, there are a few good tips here! Ironing the triangles using the template makes sense and I am off to buy a point turner in the morning from my local haberdashery.

  43. Rachel says:

    Eeeeek I’m so giddy with excitement having just finished my bunting !! Thank you so much for the clear and straightforward instructions and pictures. I haven’t sewn since school but had a new sewing machine for my 40th birthday and want to make things!I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to start making some more in different fabrics. You have made my day !

  44. Victoria says:

    I am so pleased with my bunting! It looks beautiful. The instructions were perfect, thank you. I am planning on making some for my brothers new baby and anyone else that asks!

  45. Andrea McKee says:

    I just want to say a big thank you for your Tutorial on how to make bunting. I’ve want- ed to make some for a while now, and now its almost done. I’ve been making Christmas bunting all afternoon, just have to sew them onto the Bias Binding and all done. Thanks again, its been a lot of fun. =)

  46. Zohar says:

    Hi Josie many thanks for this !!!! I live in Israel, is it ok wiyh you that I will translate part of your tutorial to my languge – Hebrew and put it in my blog with link directly to you of course???? I would love to share this with the Hebrew readers. Thanks, Zohar

  47. jo says:

    fantastic tutorial thanks for the help, my bunting looks fantastic

  48. Milly MacKinnon says:

    What great instructions, so clear and easy to follow. I made 24 metres of bunting for my nieces wedding and it looked great, lots of compliments. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I was going to buy it but so glad I made it instead. I’m not a great seamstress but the instructions were easy enough for the lay person to understand. Thanks again.

  49. Laura says:

    Very easy to read and learn how to do this job! It is good fun and a nice way to relax. I have just finished my bunting and I love it! Thank you Josie! Laura

  50. katet says:

    This is brilliant – so easy to understand, Ive just made some great bunting for my childrens bedroom, they picked the fabrics and helped sort them into order. Im looking forward to putting it up. I still cant believe I made it!! All thanks to your great instructions!! thankyou 🙂

  51. Katherine says:

    I have tried and failed at making bunting numerous times. For something so seemingly simple, I just could not figure it out. After searching the net and several attempts I had given up. Finding your blog so close to my daughters Tea Party is wonderful. I am now looking forward to all the compliments I’m sure to receive. My answer will be “Oh no really – it’s so simple…”

  52. Stephanie says:

    Looks good, it’s very helpful to have the sizes given, saving the bunting being either too big or too small!
    I was wondering whether it would be ok to make them without turning – just sewn with right sides outermost, sewn close to edge and not turned? It would save a lot of time, but I suppose it will not last so long, or through much washing…
    But thanks for the instructions and especially the photos, very helpful indeed.

  53. Ferial says:

    Great tutorial! Found you on Pinterest. =) Thanks so much for sharing!

  54. Laura says:

    Thank you so much – I got this project done in a day and am looking forward to theming every party with bunting – Christmas, Australia day, Everyday.

  55. Marie says:

    Seems so easy to make and will be my first project, have just moved with my partner and our first child. So I will be making one with his name on it to hang above his bed this will make a nice keepsake for him to look back on many thanks :o) xx

  56. Josie Crafter says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Marie!
    What a lovely idea to make this as a namesake – your little one will be so happy with it.
    Happy sewing!

  57. Becky says:

    Thank you for this clear and insightful blog entry! We have decided to have bunting as our main decorational feature at our wedding, so will be making metres and metres – I feel confident that with your tutorial, I can hand over a pile of material and a template to several different relatives and between us all, we’ll create lovely matching bunting! I’m looking forward to starting already – thanks again!

  58. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Becky
    Oh what fun it will be to have acres of bunting at your wedding!
    If you have the chance to send a photo I’d love to see the finished result 🙂
    Have fun sewing and, of course, a most wonderful wedding too!

  59. Gillian says:

    Thank you so much for this. I got a sewing maching for my birthday in September and set myself a challenge to make bunting for my daughters 8 birthday party which is tomorrow. In September I had to phone my mum to ask her (i am embarrased to say) what the bobbin was for! I am now proud to admit that I have followed your instruction step by step and I am now proudly looking at a 20 pennant, 4 contrasting pattern red and white string of bunting with her name on it – all ready and hanging for her party tomorrow. I am so pleased with myself and I couldnt have done it with out your help, amd your clear instuction. Thanks sooooo much! Gillian

  60. Josie Crafter says:

    Wow, Gillian!
    Thank you so much for this lovely feedback. I’m so glad to hear that the instructions have helped you to make – and be proud of – some very special bunting for your dear daughter. It makes me so happy that you’ve found sewing happiness in this way 🙂
    Have a most wonderful party time and keep on sewing!

  61. Penny Boden says:

    My friend Annie has asked me to make bunting for her daughter ‘s wedding. Her daughter Katey is getting married in Canada and we live in South Africa. I am using all African fabrics and it is going to look lovely!!! A touch of Africa in Canada!
    Thank you for the tutorial.

    Penny Boden

  62. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Penny
    What a great idea! I love the idea of using African fabrics and the colours will be amazing I’m sure,
    Happy sewing!

  63. Heather says:

    My daughter is getting married next year so this will be a great project for me to do over the winter months. In fact I have already started cutting out the bunting. I have not done much sewing in recent years – this webpage has really inspired me – thanks

  64. Kath says:

    Great instructions. I am echoing a lot of comments but you really have made this so easy to follow and a pleasure to make. Great tip about keeping sewing from one pennant to another.
    I am making Christmas bunting for friends Christmas presents and just had to refer to your website regarding the final stages.

  65. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Kath
    Thank you for your feedback 🙂
    It’s always great to get some extra tips isn’t it? I hope all goes well with the bunting gifts – it certainly does make a super present!
    Happy days to you,

  66. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Heather
    I’m so pleased to hear you’ve been inspired by the tutorial 🙂
    Good luck with the wedding bunting – and what a wonderful momento it will be for your daughter to keep over the years to come!
    Happy days,

  67. Julia Wells says:

    Really unsure how to start. Could see that getting the point at the end crisp could be a problem. Feel confident to have a go now. Thanks for the lesson!

  68. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Julia
    I’m pleased to hear that the tutorial has inspired you to have a go!
    Happy sewing!

  69. pat scott says:

    thanks so much have just made some bunting for my awaited grandchild and they look fantastic.

    with the bits left over I am now making a patchwork duvet cover I am so proud of myself, have not sewed for 30 years you have really given me back some confidence as before everything looked so home made, can’t wait to show them to my daughter.

  70. Josie Crafter says:

    Dear Pat
    I’m so pleased that you’ve gained confidence through making the bunting!
    Crafting, sewing, is such a powerful way to put a spring in our step and make us glow with pride, isn’t it?
    wishing you many happy days ahead with your new grandchild 🙂
    Thank you for visiting and for commenting,

  71. Gilllian says:

    I have just made 300ft !!! of bunting for my daughters wedding next year, she wanted old gold colours and lace. Once I got going using these excellent instructions it just grew and grew. I felt so inspired I have also sewn some heart shaped buttons to some of the pennants. Next year I am making Christmas bunting using those lovely fabrics you can buy….can’t wait. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

  72. Josie Crafter says:

    Wow Gillian, 300 feet !!!!!!!!
    That’s amazing! And the colours sound absolutely perfect for a wedding. I’m sure the bunting will look just fabulous.
    Thanks for your comment,

  73. Nikki says:


    I stumbled across this when I was browsing for ideas for my first ‘return’ to sewing. I hadn’t used a sewing machine for 15 years (since I was a child), but wanted to make something nice for my two children’s bedrooms.

    My first project (Santa sacks) took me a couple of days to do, but I was so motivated that I immediately started cutting my material for this straight after. It only took me about 4 hours to complete one stand of bunting thanks to your very clear instructions. They look great and I feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment when I look at them. I plan to get my next strand done over the next week, then I have already decided to make some as presents for some friends of mine that are expecting babies soon.

    Thank you so much!

  74. Josie Crafter says:

    Thanks, Nikki, for your response.
    It’s great to hear that the bunting tutorial has been a help and has boosted your confidence in sewing once again!

  75. Cathy Hancox says:

    Thanks Josie, your step by step instructions were SO easy – I have the finished product up and pictures on my website I did two lots of 5 metres – 21 triangles on each and used Seeded Calico and 4 fat quarters. Thanks again, Cathy, Recycled Relix, Tasmania Australia

  76. Josie Crafter says:

    Dear Cathy
    Thank you for your comment. I’ve taken a peek at your bunting and it looks lovely – I love those gentle soft shades of fabric. It makes me happy to hear that the tutorial has been useful for you!

  77. Natalie says:

    I am so pleased I found these instructions. I have just made some Christmas bunting for our first Christmas together in our home and I love it! I am going to make some bunting with names on for my Niece, Nephew and friend’s children now! Thank you 🙂

  78. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Natalie
    It’s great to hear how delighted you are with your bunting!
    I hope you have lots more fun with the nieces/nephews gifts too 🙂

  79. ju24 says:

    Popping by to say thank you for your fab instructions. I’ve just used them to make some bunting for a present for my nephew. x

  80. Dina says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I looked at a few and this was the best one I found with complete and easy instructions. I just finished a Christmas bunting, and I added pockets so we can use it as an advent calender/countdown to Christmas. The pockets will hold a little card stating what special thing we will be doing that day, or a little treat. My girls are excited, I just hung it up, and will fill each pocket tonight after they go to bed. Thanks again for your tutorial 🙂

  81. Josie Crafter says:

    This is such a lovely idea, Dina! I wish I was a child in your house 😉
    Thank you for your comment, I’m pleased to hear your bunting is a success,
    Happy Christmas!

  82. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello there Julia
    Thank you for your response. I’m delighted to hear your bunting has turned out well and no doubt your nephew will love it!

  83. Nadia says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂 I’ve just made up some Christmas bunting – wanted something that would last a long time and really enjoyed making them following your super easy to follow tutorial. My son turned 2 in November so this will be his first Christmas where he understands a bit more so I wanted to make the decorations more child friendly.

  84. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Nadia
    Thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear that you’re really happy with your homemade bunting! And such a wonderful way to bring Christmas alive for your little boy – he’ll now have your bunting as a keepsake in years to come 🙂
    So lovely!
    Happy Christmas to you 🙂

  85. Jacqui B says:

    What lovely clear insructions. I will be getting the bias binding next week but I’m off to sort out my Christmas materials now to get started. I haven’t made any projects for a while so looking forward to starting again.
    Thank you for inspiring me :0)

  86. Josie Crafter says:

    Thank you Jacqui for your lovely comment.
    It’s so exciting to be inspired to get creative, isn’t it? I hope you have a lovely time with your fabrics and making the bunting!

  87. Denise says:

    I made 50 metres for my 30th. It was hard work, and people were pretty amazed 🙂 I did have a few quality control issues and it may be the last time i’m making bunting, but it is now being borrowed by friends 🙂 Thank you for your instructions!!! i’ll try and take a photo of them 🙂

  88. Josie Crafter says:

    Wow, 50 metres! That’s amazing!
    I bet it looked fabulous and the fact that people are borrowing it shows what a good job you did 🙂
    I’d love to see a photo!
    Happy Christmas to you

  89. amanda says:

    hi – thanks for a wonderful tutorial – clear instructions and loads of photos! i made christmas bunting, the kids love it. here are some photos, and a link to your tutorial too.
    merry christmas! xo

  90. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Amanda
    The bunting looks wonderful 🙂
    I’m so pleased that you found the tutorial useful and that the children loved the finished result,
    Happy Christmas to you!
    (I’ve left a comment on your blog but it doesn’t seem to have appeared, so it may have got lost in cypberspace!)

  91. Doug S says:

    Thanks for your excellent explanation. As a sewing novice I found the step-by-step guide most helpful and now I have some beautiful bunting for my sisters christmas present. I used sample fabric bought in a charity shop and the only other expense was the bias binding! All in all a wonderful project. Merry Christmas!

  92. Doug S says:

    Oh and here is a link to some photos:

  93. Josie Crafter says:

    Thanks for your comment, Doug.
    And the bunting looks great – I’m sure it will be a lovely gift to receive!
    Happy Christmas

  94. Jenny Sherriff says:

    Been thinking about making bunting for a while, off shopping on Monday for binding (loads of it). First I’m going to make Christmas bunting, then a mixed colour set for the open garden day we have in June in aid of our local church. After that I’m going to make a set in pale blue and another in pink to decorate a marque which we use for christenings, can’t wait. My mother who is 81 and been ill recently is keen to help too. Thanks for the brilliant instructions, just what I needed.


  95. Josie Crafter says:

    Dear Jenny
    Wow! You’re going to be a very busy bunting-maker!
    It sounds as though you’ll have lots of fun sewing – and it will be so nice to share this with your Mum too.
    Happy Christmas to you 🙂

  96. addie says:

    Such an easy tutorial, made a string of ten tonight in only a few hours for a Christmas gift i’m giving tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your technique and happy christmas 🙂

  97. Josie Crafter says:

    I’m so pleased that you found the tutorial helpful and easy, Addie!
    Happy Christmas to you

  98. Jenny L says:

    I am a brand new bunting machine and there will be no stopping me now! Thanks so much for such step-by-step instructions which made it so simple. I have befriended my sewing machine after many years of inactivity and feel newly inspired. My beautiful little new born baby niece has some gorgeous bunting now and I feel v proud!
    Thanks so much, Josie, and Merry Christmas – Nadolig Llawen.

  99. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Jenny
    Wow, a bunting machine ! That made me laugh 🙂
    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve made friends with your sewing machine and that you’re loving the bunting making.
    Have a very happy Christmas

  100. Thanks for these wonderful instructions. Can’t wait to make some bunting for both my little daughters. I have a question though…..Do I just use my normal sewing machine foot to sew through the four layers of bunting and material or do I need to use my quilting foot. (Can’t think what it’s called – the one for sewing the quilt “sandwich”? Thanks again!

  101. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Heather
    You just need to use your ordinary sewing machine foot for this – that’s what I usually do.
    You could always try it out on a few of the layers prior to sewing your bunting together.
    The only other thing is that you may want to make the stitch length slightly longer than usually – again, try this and see how you get on.
    Happy sewing!

  102. Caroline says:

    what a fabulously simple explanation…..Im off to buy the materials tomorrow – always wanted to make bunting for my kitchen but thought it was too tricky. Thank you very much

  103. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Caroline
    Thank you for your message – I hope you have lots of fun making your bunting!

  104. Josie you have saved my life! Or that’s what it feels like anyway, I’m doing a big trade show next week, I had a brainwave last night and decided I absolutely MUST have some bunting for my stand, and oh joy! now I can make my own, thank you!!

  105. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Alexandra!
    You’re excitement is tangible! I’m delighted that you’ll be using the tutorial to make lovely bunting for your stand – and you’ll definitely have the most lovely stand of all at the show! Good luck with it 🙂

  106. Rhianon Hitchcock says:

    I’ve been saving my husbands old cotton shirts for years, they are all beautifully stripped…I always knew they would come in handy for something! Having read your clear instructions I will soon have a house strewn with pretty bunting! Thank you.

  107. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Rhianon
    Such a good use of the shirts! Yes, they are often made of the loveliest fabrics and I love to search through the selection at charity shops. Good luck with the bunting!

  108. laura says:

    I am eagerly awaiting bias binding to use some all the scraps i have. excited! great tips 🙂

  109. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Laura
    So pleased to hear that you’re excited about making some bunting – good luck with it !

  110. Kim says:

    Thanks for such a clear lesson. My bunting turned out perfectly first time! I made it for my little girl’s room, with pretty pinks. Thanks again!

  111. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Kim
    Thank you for letting me know about your bunting. I’m delighted it’s turned out well – I bet your daughter is really pleased 🙂

  112. Lesley Bennett says:

    What fantastic instructions! My daughter’s wedding day is going to be in a pretty Spanish village in Almeria and we wanted to decorate the courtyard with bunting. We’re making 80 metres of bunting with cerise as the theme to match the wild flowers that’ll be around.
    So — a group of us are getting together with our sewing machines to have bunting making sessions!!
    Thankyou so much for such easy to follow steps — we’re really excited about it!

  113. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Lesley
    Well, the thanks are all to you for such a lovely comment!
    The cerise bunting sounds beautiful and I’m sure that after you’ve all made 80 metres (WOW) it will look stunning with all the flowers, blue sky, etc. A perfect wedding backdrop!
    Have fun making and I hope you have a wonderful time leading up to the wedding and on the day itself,
    PS: the bunting will be a great keepsake for your daughter 🙂
    We kept the bunting I made for our wedding, and as it is white lace, I use it to decorate with at Christmas time!

  114. Christie says:

    Hi Josie
    I am so excited to try and make my own bunting for my son’s birthday party! I am a novice sewer and I feel like I will be able to follow your instructions to create something he will truly love. One question I have though, the bias binding, is that the only thing I should use to string them all together or would ribbon work too?

    Thank you!

  115. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Christie
    You can use ribbon instead of bias binding, but you’ll probably find, in the end that the bias binding is easier to use.
    I’ll send you an email, but in brief, the bias binding will provide a more professional finish and will be easier to manipulate than ribbon. Ribbon is usually satin fabric and therefore quite slippery to sew with. Bias binding has the advantage that you’ll be able to wash the bunting as many times as you need, and after ironing, it will still look as good as new. Ribbon could distort and begin to sag after washing.
    I’m gonna write you an email now!

  116. Daphne says:

    I have sewn for years, but wanted to make some bunting in case we have another garden party, this time to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Last time , for the Royal wedding , I borrowed quite a tatty set, so wanted something better. I just needed a nod in the right direction and your instructions are just right. In fact reading the other messgaes, I now want to make some Christmas bunting as well. I find once you’ve made one thing, by looking at others results, you get losts more fab ideas. Thanks for a great site.

  117. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Daphne
    Thank you so much for your feedback.
    It sounds exciting to be preparing for a Jubilee party – what fun! And bunting is the perfect decoration for all celebrations 🙂

  118. karen says:

    thank you so much for making this so easy to understand!! can’t wait until tomorrow so i can sew!!

  119. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Karen
    Thank you for your feedback – happy sewing!

  120. Kelly says:

    Thank you for this clear tutorial…I shall start asap! I want to use the material from my baby girls clothes so in years to come and I can look at the bunting and reminisce! Can’t wait to start..thanks xxx

  121. Josie Crafter says:

    That’s a lovely idea to use the clothes as a keep sake 🙂
    Happy Sewing to you Kelly, thanks for your feedback.

  122. Jarka says:

    thank you for the tutorial, I’m going to make one for my sis for valentine’s day package I’m sending her – I’m sure she’ll love it – for her dorm room 🙂

  123. Josie Crafter says:

    What a lovely present for Valentines day – your sister is going to have a lot of fun!

  124. Joanna says:

    Brilliant instructions! I’ve made lots of bunting using these instructions for my friends’ wedding, it turned out great!

  125. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Joanna
    Thank you for your feedback about the tutorial. I’m delighted to hear that your bunting turned out so well. I bet your friend’s wedding looked wonderful 🙂

  126. Julie says:

    At last! Easy to understand simple instructions to help make wonderful bunting, I am ccurrently making Easter bunting in advance for my neice’s nursery Easter fete. So far it looks great. Thank you so much!!!!!

  127. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Julie
    It’s great to hear your feedback.
    Easter is the loveliest time and the bunting will look great!

  128. Natasha says:

    What a great tutorial! I’m only a beginner and I haven’t got lost in the instructions. Off to start making one now! Going to make my own bias tape for each triangle though and put some ribbon through that instead.

  129. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Natasha
    Good luck with your bunting – I hope you have fun sewing 🙂

  130. Rozel Garside says:

    Great tutorial on how to make bunting, I am going to give it a go. Thanks for such an interesting web page, love it!

  131. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Rozel
    So pleased to hear you like the tutorial – happy sewing!

  132. Jocasta says:

    Thank you for your clear instructions , i knew the basics of bunting but some of your tips turned it into great bunting, right about of instructions vs photos ….. Need tocheck out more of your tutorials

  133. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Jocasta
    Thanks for this feedback, I really appreciate your positive comments 🙂
    Have fun with your sewing!

  134. Teena says:

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorial on making bunting, I have enjoyed making it so much and would not have known where to start. Your step by step instructions were so easy to follow.

  135. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Teena
    Wow! Thanks for your lovely comment and I’m delighted that your bunting making has been successful 🙂

  136. Davina Cook says:

    Thank you very much for lovely clear instructions. I am off now to purchase some bias binding, then watch out everyone, I’ll be bunting crazy!! lol. My first project will be in my little girl’s bedroom, with a princess tower ‘feel’. Thanks again.

  137. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Davina
    Thank you for your lovely comment – your daughter is going to love having some bunting in her fairy tale tower 🙂

  138. Virginia says:

    I was asked to make some bunting for my new granddaughter’s room but had no idea what bunting was. Many thanks for your wonderful instructions. You make it seem so simple that I know I will enjoy sewing the pennants and seeing them up on the wall.

  139. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Virginia
    What a wonderful comment – thank you so much !
    It makes me feel really happy to hear that you’re excited by the tutorial – I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun sewing 🙂

  140. Sue Cash says:

    Thanks for brilliant easy instructions… I have just made 10 mtrs of gorgeous pink bunting for my grandaughters room…. it is fantastic… I am hooked… I want to make more!!!

  141. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Sue
    How exciting! I’m so pleased you’ve got hooked on bunting making! It is rather addictive 🙂

  142. ciara c says:

    what a wonderful tutorial! this will help me to make some bunting for my friends wedding! thanks again x

  143. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Clara
    I’m delighted that you’re happy with the tutorial – good luck with your sewing!

  144. MissMaki says:

    First time I tried this is was a massive success. Thank you for such easy to follow instructions and simple pictures. Your advice showed that this method was tried and tested!!!

  145. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Lisa
    so pleased to hear you’ve had success with bunting making !
    Watch out though – it is totally addictive !!

  146. rooma says:

    I have done a fair bit of embroidery and knitting…but never got round to doing bunting! This is the best instruction manual with clear and precise steps to make bunting..I will try some a.s.a.p. Thanks!!!

  147. Josie Crafter says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment – I hope you have fun making some bunting 🙂

  148. sharon says:

    Thank you so much for making everything so easy!! I have made loads and loads for a 50’s wedding.

  149. Lynn B says:

    Thank you so much for your ‘GREAT’ guide. I have wanted to do this for so long and your great instructions have spurred me on to get creating in order to decorate the awning of my caravan… Will keep you posted!

  150. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Lynn
    I’m pleased to hear you’re excitement! Decorating the awning will be wonderful. That’s what we’ve used bunting for too – it looks so nice!

  151. Josie Crafter says:

    Hey, that sounds like it will be a wonderful wedding!

  152. Karen D says:

    Was looking in the shops for bunting for my summer house and found it to be pricey then remembered some lovely material I had a home and searched the internet for instructions. Luckily I came across your easy to follow tutorial and made my first bunting over the weekend. Very happy with results and it really brightens up by summer house. Will be making more for the Jubilee in red, white and blue!!

  153. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Karen
    I love it when someone discovers the joy of bunting making! Lovely to hear that you’re pleased with your creation 🙂

  154. Gina E. says:

    Hi Josie,
    I’ve never got into the idea of bunting, but am seeing it so often on crafty websites and magazines, I’m now intrigued by the concept! I have a box full of bias binding (I buy it at thrift shops in the hope I’ll find a use for it one day), and being a patchwork addict, I have a huge stash of fabrics. Reading your excellent tutorial has finally motivated me to make one or two lots (Japanese fabrics, Aussie theme fabrics, etc etc).
    Going to look at your Flickr group now, for even more ideas 🙂

  155. Josie Crafter says:

    Hey, Gina, You’re all ready to get going with some bunting – have fun!

  156. Bev says:

    Wow! What brilliantly clear and simple instructions! We are having a street party for the jubilee and I was going to buy some bunting but you have inspired me to dig out that old sewing machine and have a go at making my own. Thanks so much (and wish me luck!)

  157. Lynne Barrett says:

    Josie, thanks so much for clear, simple instructions, I wanted to make some (mini) bunting to dress a shabby chic mirror, and they turned out brilliantly. I downsized your template, 10 cm across the top, 14cm sides. I added hearts cut out from a co-ordinating fabric with pinking shears which I stitched on with a zig zag and for variety cut smaller triangles with printing shears, which I then folded in half to cut out the insides with pinking shears, and again, stitched on with zig zag. Easy peasy and they look great!! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Lynne

  158. stacey says:

    post a photo if you can it sounds lovely

  159. Leanne H says:

    Thank you so much for your easy to follow instructions. I’ve just completed my bunting of 60 flags for the Jubilee celebrations next month. I haven’t sewn a stitch since leaving needlework behind at school some thirty years ago thanks to having a seamstress for a mother who always stepped in. I have wanted to do try things for myself as she is now 74 and doesn’t need the stress (I always want things done there and then!) so to have such brilliant instructions helped no end.

    My bunting has turned out absolutely perfect, I didn’t swear once and my “unpicker” stayed in the accessories box for the whole project!

    I’m thrilled with my bunting and my Mum is truly impressed – trouble is now I just want to make more and more!

  160. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Leanne
    Wow! It’s great to hear that you’ve had such success on your first sewing project in years! Bunting is very addictive, so beware!!

  161. Sheila O'Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for your clear and well photographed instructions. Best sewing tutorial I’ve seen so far.

  162. Josie Crafter says:

    Ah, thank you Sheila for your feedback on the tutorial 🙂

  163. eloese says:

    this helped me with my house decoration!!! it looks fantastic!!

  164. eloese says:

    what material is best for bunting?

  165. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Eloese
    100% cotton fabric is the easiest to use and will have best results. The kind of cotton sold for patchwork is the very best to use. You don’t want anything too thick nor too flimsy. If it is suitable for patchwork and for making, say, a skirt – then you’ll be fine with it!

  166. Charlotte Baker says:

    Thank you Josie – I have just made 10m of gorgeous bunting for my daughter’s 21st in June. I have used fabrics that have been in a drawer since my dressmaking days so each pattern brings back memories – my best friend’s wedding, a maternity dress, a holiday in France, my son’s pyjamas when he was about 10, curtains from our first flat and so on – great fun. Your instructions were perfect.

  167. Josie Crafter says:

    I love that the fabrics had history to them and memories too! A great way to bring together memories of those 21 years 🙂 Thank you for letting me know and I wish you and your daughter a wonderful celebration!

  168. Becky says:

    I have been hunting for some good bunting instructions for a while and now I have come across yours I am finally confident enough to go and buy the material and get going! I am making lots for my wedding party – I will post a picture when it is all done and hung up in the marquee! Thank you!

  169. Angelique says:

    Fantastic clear instructions. My daughter and I made the bunting together and we are really pleased with the results using bits of material we had left over. It will be a great bunting for the Jubilee and many parties to come. Also it taught my daughter lots of new skills such as sewing machine techniques, ironing etc in a fun way. Thank you!

  170. Josie Crafter says:

    Hi Angelique
    Thank you for letting me know. What a lovely activity to do together and something you can keep for years to come too. Have fun with your celebrations with your bunting hanging on display!

  171. Claire says:

    What fantastic, easy to follow instructions! I just used them to make gorgeous bunting for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party – she helped me choose the fabric, trace the shapes and pin them together ready for sewing so it was a lovely process to share and now her party decorations have meaning and love in them.

    Many thanks for sharing these instructions – I am not very experienced at sewing but managed this project with no issues

    Warm wishes,

  172. Melinda says:

    What a splendid bunting tutorial! I made my first ever to hang in our newly decorated kitchen during our Wedding Anniversary, Jubilee & general Summertime Celebrations.

  173. Josie Crafter says:

    Thank you Melinda for your feedback. It’s lovely to hear you’re sporting your new bunting for all those wonderful celebrations 🙂

  174. Josie Crafter says:

    Hey Claire,
    What a wonderful activity to share with your daughter and to have created celebratory bunting which she can treasure for years to come. Over time, she’ll look at the bunting and remember that she made it with you – precious!

  175. Rose says:

    Your instructions are visually displayed in such a way that is beautiful and inspiring to see. I, for a long time now have been greatly interested in making my own and hopefully now with your tutorial, I will be able to.


  176. Josie Crafter says:

    Such a lovely affirmative comment – thank you Rose! I really appreciate your kind words 🙂

  177. Pam says:

    My birthday also 12/12th although not 100 yet! Well over halfway,
    but a long way from the big one!
    I see this post was a while ago so hope all is still well, and good wishes for the 100th.

  178. Jane Richardson says:

    My daughter and I have had a lovely afternoon in the kitchen with the doors and windows open enjoying the sunshine and making the bunting. We are making it for the Golden Jubilee so have lovely red, white and blue patterns and themes. We’ve made stacks of pendants so may have to buy more bias binding (we only bought 10 meters)

    Thank you for these lovely clear instructions and pictures. I agree with most of the blogs – making bunting is so addictive; I can see many more being made to decorate the house 🙂

    Thanks again. Jane

  179. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much – these instructions are absolutely perfect! I followed them and have produced some wonderful bunting for the Jubilee and the Olympics.

  180. Lindsay says:

    Hi Josie – I’ve just finished making 15m of bunting using your wonderfully clear and helpful instructions. We’re going to use it to decorate our tent when we go camping in a few weeks. Although bunting is all the rage at the moment and it’s easy to buy it in shops or online, there is so much satisfaction in making it yourself and it’s so much cheaper. I’m looking forward to people asking me where I got my lovely bunting and me telling them that I made it!
    Thank you for your help and inspiration.

  181. Josie Crafter says:

    Having bunting for a camping expedition is the very best thing! I usually hang up the bunting before I do anything else !!!
    Thank you for letting me know how you found the tutorial and now I really hope you get lots of admiration for your homemade bunting 🙂

  182. Jess says:

    Thanks for the lovely clear instructions. Have now made some bunting (including some with an appliqued name on) to hang around my campervan! Maybe we’ll see you and Ruby on a campsite somewhere. Jess (and Hattie the van!).

  183. Jennie Black says:

    This is, by far, the best ‘tutorial’ on making bunting I have read, or seen (on you tube). So easy to follow, with step by step instructions. I have successfully made some for my daughters wedding next spring, using beautiful fabrics from Liberty, Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley, all in spring colours. Thank you

  184. kim edwards nee mckertich says:

    sadly we did not make the bunting, as our m other did not make her 100th birthday and passed on April 2012. we will however try and make the bunting next year when we have a family reunion to celebrate her life.

  185. Diana says:

    I am just going to start a halloween bunting to give to my friend thanks for the clear instructions

  186. Thanks for your fab bunting tutorial – I made some for my friend Katie’s wedding, which you can see in the top picture of my post here:

    I had loads of compliments on how professional it looked, which I put down to your brilliant intructions which were just what I was looking for. Many thanks!

    I would love to add some pics to your Flickr group; plus I plan to make some more bunting over the next month so there will be more to come.

    Thanks again and best wishes,


  187. mel says:

    Thank you for the amazing tutorial. It was my first fabric project and came out perfect (if you don’t look to close at some of the sewing) Will be surprising my daughter with it hanging in her room tonight!

  188. Angela says:

    Brilliant instructions, this will be my first big project with my new machine. Thank you x

  189. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this fab tutorial. I made some bunting for my 4 yr old daughters bedroom. Am so pleased with the results and she adores it.

    Moving on to the patchwork quilting next!

  190. Alison says:

    Thank you so much for these very clear instructions – I have been busy making christmas bunting this evening to decorate the front of my craft table for christmas fayres coming up but will also be putting it up at home over Christmas – 73 days to go!!!! Thanks again.

  191. Carrie says:

    I have just found your lovely website & was so excited to find this bunting tutorial as I am half way through making some but wasn’t sure how to attach it to the bias binding – now I know so thank you!
    My second ever sewing project is going to be to make a simple apron for my daughter – but I really don’t know how to go about it – any chance of an apron tutorial? Please?

  192. Josie Crafter says:

    Hello Carrie
    Hello Carrie
    Thank you for your lovely feedback. I will post more tutorials but I don’t have a computer at the moment! Only
    My iPhone which really isn’t suitable for writing tutorials. I’ll be back when I’ve got my new laptop. x

  193. Thank you so much for this wonderful and easy tutorial! I used it to make decorations for my daughters birthday and posted them on my blog!

  194. Kathryn says:

    Hi Josie, I chose this as my first project on my new sewing machine and I am chuffed to bits with the resulting bunting – it will make a lovely Christmas present for someone. Thank you for taking the time to post this tutorial!

  195. Lucy says:

    This is such a fab tutorial! Easy to follow took me no time at all to make it and looks amazing. Think I will have to get onto some Christmas bunting now! Thank you for sharing xx

  196. Debbie Herron says:

    I made some bunting, my first sewing project, and it worked out ok (no tutorial then). Now reading your tutorial, Im going to make some more, as mine wasnt perfect! (its ok) but would like to make lovely bunting. So here goes ……..

  197. Phillipa says:

    Thank you so much for for sharing this, I have just made some and it looks fab. Thank you again

  198. Soniai says:

    These instructions are brilliant, i used them to make bunting this week. Some great tips particularly cutting the fabric and the continual sewing. Instead of a point turner I used a crochet hook which worked wonderfully. Thank you so much for sharing.

  199. Jeni says:

    Thanks for this tutorial – it’s excellent. I have just made some very pretty Christmas bunting which I will be giving as presents.

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