Oh so nice to come home

We’re back home after a week camping in Cornwall.  I hear your laughter … yes, it was the coldest, wettest, bleakest weather you could imagine …


Imagine an exposed camping field on top of a headland.  Add to this picture a hopeful family with two little ones, having pitched a tent in the dream of blue skies and sea-swimming.   Now edit the picture to show the same hopeful family, feeling somewhat wet, rusty, cold and jaded by the persistence of clouds and absence of hoped for blue skies.

There are, of course, advantages of holiday-ing in such weather … empty beaches being one of them …  um, hang on, I’m not sure I can remember any other advantages !! 😉

Midweek we ventured to the big city – Truro – where I almost cried with delight on discovering Pizza Express and the joy of spending two hours being dry, warm, well-fed.  A window of pleasure, which made this Mummy Happy.  Very Happy.

Ever grateful for Ruby Campervan providing shelter from the elements, especially at meal times.  Truly impressed and full of admiration for the quality of our tent which remained steady in spite of winds in excess of 50 mph and lashing rain of Monday night.  The little ones slept through it all, Mr and Mrs Happy were on alert all night listening, ready to bolt for the exit, a child in each hand, if the worst happened.

And a top tip for any parents reading this who have toddlers of your own – these are the very best addition to our children’s wardrobes and worth every single penny!  Go buy them now, you’ll be so glad you did!

Despite the many layers worn to bed; despite the woolly hats waterproofs and stoic spirit; despite the fact this was our first holiday in 14 months (grrrrr!!); despite the beautiful shells on the beach … it was such a joy to come home a day early to a dry bed, bricks and mortar.

“It’s very nice to be home, Mummy” said the little Miss …. I couldn’t agree more.


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12 Responses to Oh so nice to come home

  1. Floss says:

    Oh, I love your little Miss’s comment. So precious.

    And yes, we had those all in ones and they were totally wonderful! There may have been years our two lived in them! The moment they were growing out of them, we got the next size up…

    Thanks for your story and many congrats for surviving, even enjoying? a wet week away.



  2. VintageVicki says:

    Oh you brave people – camping in the rain in Cornwall. Been there – got the pile of wet clothes to prove it. However I am sure you’ve made more memories for your little ones – everyone has to have a wet Cornish camping trip to think back on 😉

  3. Karen says:

    I am so sorry about the weather – such a shame. I love going on holiday in the UK but when you do get to play roulette with the weather! can’t agree more about Togz – Finn had one of those suits when he was toddling. It was fantastic. Great in the winter too – they can splash about in puddles to their heart’s content and it is great to know that they will remain warm & dry. I used to walk in all weathers on the hills with Finn & he never complained about the cold.
    We are planning to get a tent like yours next year – good to hear it held up well! :0)

  4. Lorraine says:

    Looks very much like our holiday in Cornwall two years ago, although fortunately we were within bricks and mortar! Still nothing like a holiday in adverse weather to make one appreciate home more 😉

  5. Diane says:

    We have had a few holidays like this !! Not a lot of joy! We always end up going back though! xxx

  6. Andi says:

    You have a campervan and you were in Cornwall. I’m jealous. So sorry you had bad weather. Hard to enjoy an empty beach when it’s like that.


  7. Bobo Bun says:

    I’m impressed you stuck at it. I’d have been revving the engine and out of there back to warm indoors whether my lot came with me or not. I remember one camping trip – pre-kids in April and before the farmer switched on the showers. I woke up in a wet woolly hat with a lake gathered behind our tent. After the wettest day walking to the top of some hill or other (so foggy couldn’t see) I announced in the pub that I was off home that night as the thought of a wet sleeping bag just wasn’t doing it for me.

    Bet you had fun though.


  8. Mantha says:

    Oh dear .. weve had many a holiday like this, but fun was still had and memories are always made, coming home to find the cows in the next field eating everything from our stash of carrier bags to footballs, coming back from a windy walk to find our tent in the next field up a tree, and being flooded in Harrogate and bailing out the tent with the sauspans while ankle deep in mud .. LOL .. Like i say, the memories will stay forever and we laugh about it now .. 🙂
    Always nice to come home though ..Take care
    Mantha xx

  9. Happy says:

    Thank you for your comments and shared wet camping memories!
    Yes, Bobo Bun – I did announce midweek that I’d HAD ENOUGH and that I was going to board a train home WITH OR WITHOUT the family … amazing how much better I felt after that tantrum 😉
    Now I know why our little fellow is so fond of tantrums – they certainly help clear the cobwebs – ha! ha!

  10. that last photo has to be my favourite .. it captures perfectly the bloody weather we can get (especially on holiday)… you done good gal! but welcome home to brick and mortar and NOT a toilet block! Hugs from the Havens xxx

  11. Louise says:

    And we thought we had it tough, staying in a cottage on the Lizard near Helford Creek. Only managed one swim in the sea. We were welcomed home by 2 mewing cats who seem to remember who we are and still want to live here! Lx

  12. Bobo Bun says:

    Glad you had the tantrum. They really do make you feel better don’t they. badge of honour for you I think. X

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