With a bunch of turnips


At the allotment today, I collected two big handfuls of baby turnips, the end of a crop of radishes, some mange tout peas, and just one ‘experimental’ carrot.  Why experimental?  Because I wasn’t sure if they were ready to be pulled as baby carrots, and this little tasty carrot proved to me that they are ready!

Though I love all vegetables and enjoy discovering new flavours, Mr Crafter and the little ones are not quite so adventurous in their eating habits.  So, the question when I got home was – what would I do to turn a bunch of turnips into a tasty meal?



With the help of Hugh and his Veg Everyday book, I created Potato and Turnip Dauphinoise, with Puy lentils and a green salad.  Happily the potatoes and the salad came from our allotment too!

The verdict?  All round the dish was a success and if you fancy giving it a try, I’m sure you’ll agree.  The little ones enjoyed a dish full of cream and didn’t even notice the turnips hiding between the potatoes.  And the Hubster just couldn’t eat enough!

One happy Mama.


What are you harvesting from your plot this week?


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