My little fellow’s house for a mouse. 

You know, sometimes you just have to hold on tight and ride the wave, don’t you?

That’s how it is in the Crafter household lately.  Plenty of illness – the Mr has sinusitis, Little Fellow had gastroenteritis on the weekend, Little Missy seems to have evening/night hayfever, and I’ve had conjunctivitis.   I’m glad to report that our beautiful black feline friend doesn’t seem to have any bugs, so she’s the glue holding it all together right now 😉

The allotment is blooming and bountiful which pleases me greatly.  I love just sitting on the bench watching the birds visit our plot and listening to the wind in the trees.  Respite.

We had a mini trip to my favourite feel good place : Lyme Regis.  The sun shone a little, the water froze our toes a lot, and we all had a good time.  We breathed …. out ….

Little Missy is struggling with stuff lately.  Lots of arguing, lots of opposition, lots of tricky times.  Painful times from the distant past are just below the surface of her thinking right now, and I’m grateful that she can find the words to express how painful those ghosts are.  It’s time for some extra help from the professionals who can guide us in how best to hold her through this turbulent time.

Holding.  There’s a lot of holding around here, lately.  Holding the Little Crafters through tough times.  Holding my tongue when I have the ability to count to ten.  Holding on to the beauty of the natural world that is my peace.  Holding.  Hold on.

In brighter moments my teeny tiny fledgeling Horticulture career has had a moment or two of activity which inspires me to move forward, find those clients, create those gardens.  Like a gentle whisper from my Guardian Angel, these moments hint at what might be over the months and years to come.

As we move towards the end of the children’s school year and that long summer holiday ahead, I’m starting to hook up with other families to keep the kiddies socialising over the break.

And that’s us really.  Growing.  Growing veggies.  Growing and moving on.  Not much crafting – well, none at all, in fact.  But maybe the absence of school runs can be filled with some crafty moments in August.

I hope you’re all well, dandy and enjoying the flirtations of Summer sunshine.

Thank you for reading,

Josie x


Comments: Unfortunately, my blog gets inundated with spam comments, so for this reason I have switched off the comment function.  However, I’d still love to hear from real people with real comments!  So you’re welcome to pop over to Twitter, to find me @JosieCrafter.  Many thanks. 

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