How to make your own Plant Food : Brew some Weed Tea !


There are countless commercial, chemical fertilizers and plant foods on the market, all promising lush growth for your plants.

Well, I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m avoiding chemicals in my garden and allotment, preferring to use organic or homemade options instead.

One of the simplest ways to boost your garden plants is to make tea for them.  Yes, just like you and me, our plants benefit from a nice pick-me-up of tea!

Here’s a quick, simple and free plant tea you can make for your plants, using weeds.

Obviously this is not for human consumption!  It’s only for use on your garden/allotment plants!

Next time you weed your garden or allotment, collect the weeds.  Keep foliage, flowers and roots.  And if you can get a selection of weeds, all the better, as they each hold differing minerals.

Weeds, like all plants, draw up a range of nutrients and minerals from the soil.  Deep rooted ones such as dandelion are able to tap into nutrients which are far down in the soil, so be sure to dig up as much of the root as possible.

To make your weed tea, pop the weeds into a bucket.


If you have a net bag – the kind used for onions, potatoes and fire logs – put the weeds into this first.  It will act like a tea bag so that you don’t have to strain the weeds after your tea has brewed.


With your weeds in a bucket, pour on some water until the weeds are covered.



Pop the bucket in a corner of your garden, out of sight for at least a  couple of weeks until the weeds have clearly rotted down.

The weeds will have turned to mush, and the water will be coloured having taken up the nutrients from the weeds.   This is when you’ll strain off the weeds or simply take out the net bag of weeds, to leave a nice strong plant tea behind.

Use the tea, diluted 50:50 with water, to water your garden plants at soil level.   When diluting the weed tea, you’re looking for a weak tea colour.

Then just wait and see how happy your plants and flowers are!

That’s it – free plant food – and revenge on garden weeds 😉


Do you make teas for your garden or allotment?  What do you use?

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  1. driftwood says:

    oh that’s a great recipe. I have a lot of weeds. and I love tea!

  2. … but my how it stinks… H x

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