We’ve planted our first vegetable in the allotment!


Early Potatoes are in!  Yes, the first vegetables to be planted in our allotment are my early potatoes ‘International Kidney’.  We set them in their cosy soil beds today and wished them well.  The children placed each tuber into it’s little bed and then we ‘pulled over their blankets’ of soil.   I’m hopeful that the weather will be kind to us.  We have a week of mild night time temperatures ahead and some intermittent rain.   Fingers crossed our first potato crop of the allotment will fare well.


Meanwhile, seeds are germinating happily on our lounge windowsill.  These, tiniest of the them all, are Thyme.   They’ve germinated in less than a week.  Also in this module tray, I’ve sown Basil, Parsley and Coriander, though there is no sign of these as yet.



My tomatoes are doing well.  From a packet of Sungold F1, every seed germinated and these are the twelve young plants.   On the same day, I also planted some Gardeners Delight seeds, six of which germinated quickly and are the same size as the Sungold.    A couple of other Gardeners Delight have just germinated this week.

Though I haven’t grown Sungold before, if their early growth is anything to go by, I think we should have plenty of juicy golden toms!

F1 seeds are certainly more expensive.  The Sungold cost £3.09 for a pack of ten seeds, but there were actually twelve seeds in my packet – lucky me!  Definitely F1 is a more expensive option for seeds, but with 100% germination rate, I’m very happy.



Meanwhile, the children are growing cress.  on wet paper towels on tea plates.  Their excitement at the significant changes we see each day, is wonderful.  A lunch of egg mayonnaise and cress sandwiches is the plan and it looks like we won’t have to wait long.

As I write the rain is pouring down outside.  It seems my potatoes will be off to a good start 🙂

I wonder what have you planted in your vegetable plot?


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2 Responses to We’ve planted our first vegetable in the allotment!

  1. colleen says:

    Went nuts last week and got all but about a dozen potatoes in. And took a chance and sowed parsnips, rocket, beetroot, chard, peas, parsley, calendula, lettuce outside.

    Your toms look fab. Only put mine in a week or so ago. About 5 types of tom, 3 types of courgette, some cukes, peppers and chillies. It’s sunny today and I am starting to get excited about the growing season, more so because we’ve had to wait so very long this year.

    Happy plotting.

  2. our spuds are in too and some onions. Have other things growing in the greenhouse. Tomatoes are doing really well. I am growing some black ones – they are cherry and have a real kick. Would you like one? I can bring it down this Saturday when we meet. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

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