Welcome to my new Blog !


Hello and Welcome to my new blog!

If you’ve found your way here from “Homemade and Happy”, it’s wonderful to have you here.  You’ll see that all previous posts are here too.

It’s a busy time for us, as I’m sure it is for you too … what with that special C…. word just around the corner!

I will post some news and photos in the next few days and will continue to post regularly from now on.  Oh, how glad am I to have a computer again !  It is a thing of magic!

Anyways, dear blog friends, thank you for finding me here.  I’ll be sharing all the usual topics with you in the days and months to come and maybe some new ideas along the way.

May December be kind to you and may your shopping list be ticked off in record time.

Happy days!

Josie xx

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8 Responses to Welcome to my new Blog !

  1. Mrs M says:

    Welcome to wordpress!
    I look forward to now reading you in my wordpress reader as opposed to my Google reader for Homemade and Happy.

  2. Lola Nova says:

    Happy new blog! happy Computer! Hooray all around! I’ll be checking in here. have a wonderful week!

  3. Diane says:

    Hope things are progressing well for you and yours – I think about you often xxxxxxxxx

  4. Floss says:

    Hello! Glad to find you here and looking foward to hearing more from you at this new site. Have a wonderful Advent.

  5. sobana sundar says:

    I had bookmarked your bunting tutorial and now that you have moved it seems I need a password to access it. However there is no clear indiaction as to whether I need to join WordPress and use that password or if it is something else. Can you clue me in?

  6. josiecrafter says:

    Hi Sobana
    I’ve sent you an email about this,

  7. Hello Mrs…loved reading the new blog, it has a wonderful sense of calm, truth & warmth ..love it xxxxx

  8. josiecrafter says:

    Here you are!
    So pleased you’ve visited and thank you!
    I’m popping by the pottery and pinnies now …. xxx

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