My land !

I’ve been on a waiting list for two years and now, I am very excited to announce …. we have an allotment !

It is large and neglected.  Nothing has been done with it for a couple of years.  I know many people might dread the thought of taking on such a task, but this is exactly how I wanted our new allotment to be.  Ready to try out some of the skills I’m learning about on my horticulture course!


There’s certainly lots to do.  All the weeds need to be removed.  Having had a good look today, it seems to be mostly grass and ranunculus – which just happen to be the most common weeds in my own garden, so nothing new there.   Oh and there seem to be lots of raspberry canes – I think 😉

Mr Crafter and I will get busy as soon as we can.  We plan to clear the allotment in stages, as neither of us has had to do a lot of digging recently, so we’ll need to build up our strength and stamina.  Whilst we work to clear a small section at a time, the rest of the plot will be covered to suppress the weed growth until we get around to digging.

DSC_0020 - Version 2

I am beyond excited about this latest adventure!  All I’ve thought about for a week is what to grow and what the allotment will look like.  Of course, in my mind, it is already well established and looking lovely … which hopefully will be so in a year or two’s time.

Meanwhile I’m planning what to grow, and what the layout will be.  I’m creating a list of things to get for the allotment.  Not least … a shed!  We need to be able to keep tools there.  Also on the list are desirables such as a water butt, cold frame, compost bin, edging for beds, etc etc etc.


All things will happen in the fullness of time.  Our top priority is to start clearing the weeds and digging the soil.  I’m planning to dig in plenty of composted bark to help break down the clay soil, thereby making it easier to work with.  So this week I’ll be taking a trip to a nursery to buy the bark.

Oh my ears and whiskers!  Oh my muddy paws!  I am full of plans!  Potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, flowers …. oh the planting I will do!

Now I’m off to sit with my seed wish-list.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you’re as excited about gardening as I am, because there is going to be a lot (LOT!) of talk about gardening on this little shiny space in the months to come 🙂

Happy days to you!

Josie x

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  1. Love this latestost Josie xxx how exciting … an allotment xx yay! Round here the council have a weekly time where you can go to the green waste recycling centre and help yourself to the compost they have made. I find it a brilliant soil conditioner , might be worth finding out if you’ve got something similar by you xxx good luck with the allotment xxxx

  2. Sue says:

    Wow! How exciting! My mind would go into overdrive planning a plot from scratch 😀
    Lots of hard work though, any plans for chickens too? That’s what I would love but our resident fox would probably love that idea even more :p
    Have fun planning and digging! Sue x

  3. Congratulations, my friend with an allotment in London said it was more difficult than adopting a child!
    You might like to pop by and meet another allotment blogger.

  4. gnatseyeview says:

    So much promise! I love your enthusiasm.

  5. ginny says:

    this is soo exciting! xxx

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