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Flicking through more old photos from a couple of years ago, I really feel the pull of the sunshine right now.  I am so – sooooo – dreaming of summertime and camping adventures!  So far in 2013, I’ve had a different bug for each week of January … my body is telling me “sunshine! sunshine!”…

All these photos were taken a couple of years ago in Cornwall, whilst camping in our lovely Ruby Campervan.  Aah, sunny Cornish days …

How about you?  Are you dreaming of warmer days and outdoor adventures?  Have you booked a summer holiday?

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  1. Oh man, I’m hating this cold and on the same page as you dreaming of warmer days. I didn’t think I could afford a vacation right now, but I’m on the look-out for deals on a Caribbean get-away pronto!

  2. More of a Narnia girl here. The colder and snowier the better!

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