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Hello and a very Happy New Year to you!

My first blog post of 2013!

I’ve been out of action for five days with a nasty bout of Tonsilitis.  Today is the first day I’ve been upright and around the home, so I’m still a bit wobbly and haven’t shifted the nasties just yet.  But, I wanted to share with you the handmade gifts we enjoyed at Christmas.



These beautiful dolls were the main gifts that we gave to the children.  They are handmade from all natural materials and are stuffed with sheeps wool.  Which gives them the most wonderful homely, sleepy, dreamy smell … mmmm.  I searched around a bit, as there are lots of places you can buy this kind of Waldorf doll, but these were my favourites.  When they arrived in the post, I could have cried as they are even more lovely in real life than in pictures!

And do the children like them?  Oh yes they do !!  Phew!  The dolls have been given names.  They’ve had the high privilege of being taken to bed for bedtime cuddles.  They’ve been dressed, undressed, dressed …. so many times!  They’ve had visits to extended family.  Oh what adventures they’ve had already!  I’m looking forward to seeing how they evolve with the children over time.

As you know I do like me a bit of Instagram – oh yes I do! – and not long after I started to play on IG, I discovered the most lovely and talented Becky at Pottery and Pinnies.  Becky  has set up her own pottery business and is exploring wonderful designs and ideas.  The minute she showed a photo of a personalised child’s plate I knew I had to get some for the kiddiwinks!



Of course, what you can’t see in these photos is that the plates have the kiddies names handpainted on them.  And as you know, I don’t use real names here on the Crafter blog.  So, maybe you can imagine beautiful handwritten, scripted names across the plates in the big expanse of whiteness underneath each of the little animal pictures.

Then I didn’t stop there, oh no I didn’t ….!  (Beginning to sound like a pantomime, forgive me, but I have been bed bound for three days or more and it made me go a little do-lally-tap …)

I thought it a good idea to get something made for Mr C.  It’s not always easy to find lovely things for men, is it?  To celebrate our five years of married moments, I asked Becky to use a quote from a favourite song and a little sentimental message from me.  Isn’t this a most beautiful platter ?

plates josie crafter

Of course, Mr Crafter was reduced to tears when he opened it and read the message.  Which I’m sure you’ll agree, means he was touched by the loveliness of this creation 🙂

And last, but surely not least, I got knitting in December and the things I was a-knitting were …. hats for Him, Her and Little Him, using a lovely alpaca and wool mix yarn ….


and these quirky gnomes/elves/what you will !  Aren’t they funny?


You can see they’re made from the wool scraps left over after the hats.  And the little fellows happen to be just the right size for little kiddy adventures and cuddles.

Now I’ll sign off and return to my wishes at the beginning of this post to just say one more time, May you have a Happy New Year and may all your dreams and intentions become realities in 2013.  Here’s to a creative year ahead!

Happy days to you!

Josie x

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  1. Flaming Nora says:

    Happy new year. It would appear your hand made Christmas was a blast and a huge success. I LOVE the plates. Off to check out her website…

  2. Oh I love those plates especially your special one xxx so lovely xx and the gnomes are terrific xx glad the kiddos loved the dolls, it’s so nice for them to have a ‘for keeps’ toy xxx Happy New Year xx see you on IG xx

  3. josiecrafter says:

    Thank you Cheryl 🙂 xx

  4. Lola Nova says:

    What wonderful pressies! I didn’t make nearly as much as I would have liked to for the Holidays, but did make yummy treats for a lot of friends. happy new year and hope you are quick to mend completely, poor you! xo

  5. josiecrafter says:

    Thank you Alex! On the mend for sure.
    I only made the hats and gnomes. Too busy for anything more!

  6. Sue says:

    Hello there!
    I’ve found my way to your new blog at last! (Now I just need to figure out how to add it to my favourites on blogger :P) Love the plate – Snow Patrol is it? Beautiful ideas and pressies. S x

  7. josiecrafter says:

    Yes it is Snow Patrol!
    You’re first person to recognise it!
    Thank you for visiting

  8. Dormouse says:

    What lovely gifts! The plates are indeed beautiful and I love the fact that your Mister was so touched. Happy New Year to you and your little family.

  9. Jus says:

    Hello old bean… hope you all had a fabulous festive break. LOVE the plates and thanks for the offer of feeding my girl… you may live to regret it, she has an appetite similar to her mother’s!!! x

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