A day without deadlines

My favourite days are the ones when there are no appointments, deadlines, “must do’s”.  The days when we can do what feels right at that moment, going with the flow and just enjoy being at home or meandering into the local area.  Today was such a day.

Expecting a wet day, we were surprised by sunshine and blue skies.   So I made a trip to my favourite plant nursery and came home with the boot of the car looking like this …

The car boot should always look like this, don’t you agree?


Then I spent a pleasant hour or so, making hanging baskets.  They’re filled with heathers, ivy and pansies to see us through Autumn and into Winter.  The rest of the pansies have gone into the raised beds, giving a boost of colour.

So that was my day.  A very contented sort of day.  But then, any day that involves plant buying and planting, is a good day 🙂

How was yours?


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6 Responses to A day without deadlines

  1. Lisa says:

    Your hanging baskets look lovely. All our tubs out the front are empty apart from one so I definitely need to do something about that!
    Our day yesterday was the one we get at around this point each summer hols when T and S get a bit bored and irritable and it boils over. We have had fun with a couple of days out, crafts at home, friends visiting but there is always a ratty old day thrown in somewhere and yesterday until early afternoon was it!
    Lisa x

  2. Rachel Lamb says:

    Lovely hanging baskets, a helpful reminder that plants can look good in the cooler months too, which I’m often lazy about and end up looking at pots of mud instead!

    Took a day off and went to see an adoption friend for lunch where we put the world to rights and went for a lazy wander with the dog.

  3. Carol says:

    That is just what we were saying, lovely to have time with no commitments, no places we “have to go”. Yesterday our car boot contained violas too, hope to plant up baskets tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Carol xx

  4. Simon Green says:

    Your hanging baskets look stunning, the purple heather against the yellow pansies are a lovely sight. I’m glad some of us are still making hanging baskets – they don’t seem to be considered ‘cool’ in the gardening world currently, which is such a shame as they look just beautiful.

  5. gorgeous hanging basket! what a day. Mine not so nice. Computing in a stuffy office and fighting a failing printer. I am living vicariously though you. Love Helen x

  6. Carol says:

    p.s. just noticed your comment on Lou’s blog, I keep popping back and have emailed but not heard anything. I do hope she is ok.

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