Summer Snapshots 4: good living

A catch up post today, featuring a few snapshots of recent days.  We’ve been living the good life, it feels.

Trips out in Ruby Campervan have given a holiday feel to our days.  We’ve used her as our daily vehicle this last week, whilst the sun has been our companion.  Travelling along in Ruby, seeing the smiles an old Campervan brings to the people we pass, is a truly feelgood experience.  Don’t tell Ruby that I called her old, by the way, as she’s just reached the big 40 years !!  She looks good for her age !

The children have enjoyed having their little beach tent in the garden as a cosy play house.  they like to fill it with rugs, blankets, cushions, and snacks.  I love that when they stand up in that little tent there is still plenty of space above their heads!  Of course, it’s only a little tent to us adults, isn’t it?  More spacious for them.  Lovely.

They’ve enjoyed plenty of water activity too.  Washing the bikes was an engrossing activity for one morning.  Water with everything, is really their motto.

Bringing our good living up to date, we had some friends to visit today.  I baked a cake, all the children played in the garden, got busy with cutting and sticking, and giggled their way through the afternoon.  It was the kind of fun time I’d like to bottle and take small sniffs from that bottle in the months and years to come.

This is summer.  This is good living summer style.

How about you?  How are you enjoying these early Olympian days of summer?


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  1. Flaming Nora says:

    We spent endless summers in tents in our back garden. Such amazing fun. I long for the day we have a garden big enough for the boys to do this too.

  2. how lovely… especially the giggling 🙂 xxx

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